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About Us

Formed in 2019, the Association of Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of member doctoral programs in health sciences.  We aim to cultivate health scientists' Identity as ​ scholar-practitioners​.  Our vision is to be a leading interprofessional voice for better health, health care, and health professional education.   Our purpose is to ensure the quality of health sciences education, promote health sciences as a distinct interdisciplinary academic field, and advocate for the common good of doctoral programs in health sciences. 


Meet our Executive Board

At the Association Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences, we are fortunate to have a top-notch executive board guiding us towards excellence in the field. Meet the team of experienced individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization.

Past Presidents

Our past presidents have been integral to the success and growth of the Association Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences. They have provided leadership, guidance, and a continued commitment to the advancement of health sciences. We are grateful for their contributions and proud to honor them as past presidents of the association.

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