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Association Members Seek Information on AI Use

Faculty members of the Association of Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences (ADPHS) invite you to participate in a survey on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health sciences doctoral education. As AI's influence in education grows, we aim to understand how faculty in doctoral health sciences programs perceive and utilize this technology.  The survey is brief! We thank you in advance for your time and participation.

- Christina B. Gunther, Sacred Heart University; Genevieve Zipp, Seton Hall University; Douglas Kuperman, Rush University; Jill Moore, University of New Haven; Lori Rainchuso, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (MCPHS)  

Association Members Publish Article on the Scholar-Practitioner Identity


The Association of Doctoral Programs in Health Sciences (ADPHS) was informally established in November 2019, officially incorporated in August 2021, and is currently a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of the directors of member doctoral programs of health sciences. The ADPHS grew from informal discussions among program directors who agreed that a major problem in the field of doctoral education in health sciences was the lack of a clearly defined and easily articulable identity. The discussions led to the drafting of an informal and nonscientific survey used to help clarify the current health sciences education environment, relevant emerging trends, and the educational philosophies adopted by the directors of health sciences doctoral programs nationally. The results of the survey and follow-up discussions revealed a strong consensus among program directors that the field of doctorate education in health sciences is uniformly characterized by its interdisciplinary nature. In this position paper, we provide the rationale for the formal position of the ADPHS that the identity of the field of doctoral education in health sciences is based on its interdisciplinary approach to education.

Our Vision

To ensure the quality of health sciences education, promote health sciences as a distinct interdisciplinary academic field, and advocate for the common good of doctoral programs in health sciences. 

What we do...

We are advancing excellence in health sciences through rigorous review, interdisciplinary exchange, and collaborative innovation.


Peer Review

We conduct peer reviews of PhD and Professional Doctorate programs in Health Sciences. We examine the curriculum, policies, procedures and resources of the programs to determine merit status.


Knowledge Sharing

We provide a space for collegial exchange in interdisciplinary health sciences. This is an opportunity to share interdisciplinary health sciences research across programs and enhance the profession.


Shaping the Discipline

We are defining and shaping the mission of interdisciplinary health sciences through education, research and service.

    Join one of our committees to be an active leader in our community.

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